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How to Play Cornhole / Corn Toss

We'ins generally play Corn Toss / Cornhole as a team sport. Although, you'ins can play without a partner if you wish.

Two players (or as we like to call ‘em, cornholers) on each team alternate pitch’n corn bags (corns) at the cornhole platform (the cornhole).

There are many ways to play cornhole, but only one certified for official tournament play by the American Cornhole Association (ACA). That's the way we'ins play!

The ACA rules require corns to be pitched one at a time. Each alternating turn, a cornholer gets four corns to score as many points as possible. The cornholer that has control of play will pitch just one corn. Then the cornholer from the other team will pitch just one corn, and play will alternate until all four bags from each player are pitch'd.

Cornhole is played in innings just like America's other favoite past time. An inning is completed after all corn bags from all cornholers have been pitch'd.

Play continues in this fashion from all 4 cornholers until one of the teams scores 21 points at the end of an inning and wins the match.

Points: A corn in the hole scores 3 points, while a corn on the board scores 1 point. Bags must not touch the ground prior to landing on the board.

Any bag that does hit the ground and lands or rolls onto the board is considered null and doesn't count as points, and should be removed from the board before any other bags are pitch'd.

Score'n: In score'n, corns cancel each other out. Each point cancels out the other teams points so that if your team has a corn in the hole and your opponents pitch a corn in the hole, no points are scored for that round of play. The same goes for on the board points.

An easy way to score is to add up all points from the high score’n cornholer for corns in the hole and then the high score’n cornholer for points on the board and then subtract the points of the low score’n cornholers for each category.

Example: Team yellow pitch's one corn in the hole and two corns on top of the board. Team green makes two in the hole and one on top. The highest score’n cornholer for points in the hole is team green with 6 points (two corns in the hole). The highest score’n cornholer for points on the board is team yellow with 2 points. With cancellation score'n, team green would record 3 points from corns in the hole (one corn in the hole is cancelled out by team yellow's corn in the hole) and team yellow would record 1 point for corns on the board (one corn on the board would be cancelled out by team green's corn on the board). The score would be team yellow 1 and team green 3 moving into the next round of play.

Order of Play: The team that pitch's first is the last team to score. If no score'n takes place in the last inning, then the lead cornholer changes to the other team.

Win'n: The first team to get to 21 at the completion of an inning wins the game. If one team gets to 7 before the other team has score'd, then the game is a skunk, and a new game should be started. A skunk is a score of 7 to 0. A team is not penalized for pitch'n more than 21 points on, and there doesn't need to be a 2 point difference. The final score can be 21 to 20 at the end of an inning. The game in never over until all cornholers have pitch'd all their corn bags and the inning is completed.

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